Friday, March 11, 2016


I  spent the better part of the evening cleaning the house ahead of my family coming up to help me with some  chores that have been needing to be done and that I can not do myself.  I am not good at anything and so when anything needs to get done, I have to ask for help because otherwise nothing would ever get done.

I vacuumed many acres of floor and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and put away clothes and ran the dishwasher and paid a couple of bills so that they would not be just laying around unpaid to be found and then I would have to explain that I knew they were there but I wasn't paying them because reasons?  

I generally tidied up so they house is much nicer looking right now. I should make it nice just because I am here but that never happens, It only gets cleaned up if there is a chance someone else might see it and I want it to look the way I think it looks not the way it actually looks.

Anyway. House is clean-er. Entry is written-ish.

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