Friday, April 1, 2016


Little Kitty weighs six pounds. He can't jump over a baby gate and he can't even manage a real meow.

I came home foe lunch and found this scene

The speaker and the bottle of bitter apple (not pictured) lived on the computer desk at the top of the stairs. It has lived there undisturbed and unused for the last several years, no one has bothered it. Today it got a transfer.  When I went to check out the scene, it was not clear how it propelled itself off the desk, evenif it would have spontaneously fell off the desk, it wouldn't have dropped near enough to the top of the steps to get down the steps.

My first thoughts was Damn it Rocket! How did you get out?!, because surely, this was a dog related problem. Rocket was safely and innocently locked in his room. He was not involved.

I thought maybe it was Ace. Ace is a big cat after all. Ace, however does not go looking for things to distroy, he is not Tex. Tex liked to do things like this but he prefered to do them as to cause me to jump and do his bidding, he wouldn't have done this without an audience or an agenda.

Those steps are not to code, they are steep and unforgiving. Little Kitty had to 1) get the speaker  and the bottle off the desk, 2) get the speaker and the bottle to the edge of the steps, 3) propel the speaker and the bottle of biter apple down the steps with enough force to get that kind of distance from the stairs. 4) Not kill himself in the process.

I'm going to have to watch Little Kitty more closely.

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