Friday, April 29, 2016

Garden 2016 Update 4

Thursday, before I walked the dog and before I went to the demonstration, I got the rest of my tomatoes in the ground! I ordered some sauce varieties from Burpee and they will go nicely with the fancy varieties I bought in town. I think I'm going to put two more plants where the two sad, dead celery roots were planted - but I think I'm going to replace them with pepper plants.

I have some real neato varieties of peppers, but a couple of just plain green sweet pepper won't hurt a bit.

Now, it is pouring rain and my plants are just splashing around like baby ducks. I just noticed the really odd noise I was hearing was really hard rain. Really hard rain. I'm not hoping that maybe my plants are like baby ducks wearing hard hats.

Its raining very hard and disrupting my show. So not al right! Deep Breaths. Instead of images of frozen satellite images, I need to concentrate on this image

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