Monday, April 18, 2016

Garden Update 3 2016

At some point I'm going to to take delivery of my garden starters. It was supposed to be this weekend, but then it got cold and so the nursery people decided to hold the baby plants so they can get a little more grown and a little stronger and hopefully, it was also get warmer and the babies won't freeze to death. Burpee had always been shooting for next weekend.

So this weekend I had to get busy with the garden spaces. I had to get them tilled, the drip hoses down, the weed barrier installed and the irrigation figured out. Thats a lot.

The irrigation came together really fast, I'm suspicious, nothing leaked or exploded on contact with water pressure, or was backwards or had a huge hole in it or any of the other adventures with irrigation I've had in the past. Last year I just went with sprinklers to water the plants and it did not work out at all. I think I planted too many too close together and then the sprinklers kept everything wet and the wetness caused the fungus that decimated my harvest .

The drip hoses are really hard to work with and a pain to get set up and  they take hours to get down - however, they do the job really well and I appreciate them a lot more now then I did before my sprinkler experiment. They suck to get them down, they're expensive, they work againts you,  but in the long run, they are so much better for the garden.I'm going to be interested in how the new garden space is going to be and if it will do as well or better than the old garden space. I know it gets much better sun.

So. Gardens are ready to go, and I'm ready I'm just waiting for the plants. I all ready have seeds for my container corn and spaghetti squash .

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