Friday, May 6, 2016


I've been having problems driving ag speed on the freeway for the past year and a half, I told my doctor and she ordered an MRI. Nothing, it wasn't a tumor - Great! But  still no answer to the question. A year past and the disturbances kept happening. My doctor sent me to an ENT, I earned I have perfect hearing, but my nose is a "mess" and he gave me Flonase. My doctor also sent me to a neurologist who thought it sounded like migraines and gave me a migraine med, and he then ordered a VNG ENG test  which I took today.

It turns out it is a migraine! And migraines are treatable or at the very least lets you name the problem, which is much better than thinking you could be losing your mind. It turns out that what is happening is vestibular migraine . An actual thing! Yay!

In celebration a couple of random pictures!

A fourth house was town down on Hargett street, I'm not surprised, it should have been taking down after the storm several years ago. Its been sitting empty for years now, it is a little sad though because it was one of the last original houses on that street.

Its also been raining for days. SUcks because my basement flooded again,  positive thoughts, pretty cloud like this

And we go into Friday.

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