Friday, May 27, 2016


For real, no entry for today.

- Had to attend a going-away-dinner (at Denny's) for a co-worker escaping to a better job. Bitch.
-Had to pick the dog up at daycare
-had to go to Sam's.
-Had to clean out the car, deal with the weekly trash and recycling and fill/empty the dishwasher.
-Had to pack/ repack/unpack/start over again my stuff to go  to see my parents
- had to pack the cats stuff to  go see my parents (don't forget the kitty tent!)
-had to pack the dogs stuff to go see my parents (don't forget suntan lotion! sunglasses)
-Had to think about scheduling whole house vacuuming, kitchen cleaning and bathroom blasting.

Must Remember!
-cat tent
-dog pills
-dog sunscreen
-dog sunglasses
-article  about fun places to take the dog in my parents town

Also working very hard to not think about the fact that they are forecasting rain and more rain for the whole weekend. Hmmm, does the aquarium we've never been to take reservations?

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