Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Before and After

Okay, shrubbery glamour shots!

Aren't those sexy shrubs? I think so! And , the  lens is filthy and needs to be addressed. I'm going to take the whole shabang in to be cleaned at a camera place soonest.

Okay, here is the house, the first one is in roughly October 2002

The second, this weekend.

The exterior really hasn't changed much. I think the last owners would be pleased that I've done such a good job maintaining the house almost exactly as they left it. The front door is a different color and the shrubs have grown, but it looks essentially the same.

So I'm getting new porch lights! The old ones are too small, are failing and  are frankly, ugly. I am torn between getting something with a Cute Cottage-y,/ English Garden style vibe , scratch that. I looked that up and its what I have now and I don't like that I have now. or  going Full Eames Era or maybe, going modern. Did I mention I want to paint the door again? Something visible from the street? Like a bright green or a bright orange? The flippers do it and I really think its a good look.

The other interesting picture I found was the back yard, again from October  2002.

That birdbath is long gone, the concrete pad still lives on though. It stood roughly in the back-middle of the yard. It is long like a bowling ally.  The yard is very shaded by the huge tree that was blown over in a tornado.

The bird bath is roughly behind the table,  on the ground, next to the hanging basket hanger. The fence nearest the neighbors is my addition, the back fence had to be replaced after the tree knocked the other one over. The neighbors had a large tree in the first image that fell over right before I moved into the house and justmissed the bedroom window.

Oh, because I can

Same squash, a day apart.

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