Friday, June 10, 2016


Why doesn't anyone accuse Bernie of being a narcissist?  Or accuse his followers of being cultists? I hate Trump as much as the next guy and I think his people are all hoping to dye their favorite shirts brown - however, everyone calls them brown shirts and they are seen as exemplars of modern fascism ... See how fast normal people turn into blood thirsty monsters? Why isn't anyone looking on with the same horror at Sanders people?

Its the same population. Young, white, unhappy white people.

Sanders people might be a little younger and little more educated but they are on the same page. Everything is bad, everyone is bad and the only way to fix it is to blow. it. up.. Nothing good is going to come of these two groups or their self righteous anger and great loathing.

It is time to get them

Bernie needs to stand down and start the process of getting his followers to invest themselves into making sure that Trump does not get elected - not voting for him so the world ends and they get the last word.

Any more and the site will get hacked by Sanderinistas  and I'll end up being tormented and punished.

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