Friday, June 24, 2016


Things I want to do soon

1. Get a pedicure. I am wearing sandals every day and I am walking around looking like a girl Hobbit! I'm afraid  if I don't take action myself that I'm going to find a farrier on my doorstep. It is definitely time to get the hooves worked on, I'm not going to bother with a manicure because between the animals and the garden, nice  finger nails wouldn't have a chance.

2. Pay the man to pull the hated, ugly shrubberies out of my front yard. I hate them, they are ugly and its time for them to go. I want to plant azaleas in their place.

3.Paint my front door bright green. Its been a stately burgundy for a while now, and while it is certainly okay, I've been admiring  the front doors they put on the flipped houses -  they inevitably  paint the front doors a  vivid, bright color and they all look really nice - I have to respect their door game. I'm tired of the tasteful red and want a color you can see from the street.

4. New porch lights. Mine are too small and only one side functions as a light.  I need new ones that are the right proportions for the house and that work, preferably dawn to dusk not motion activated. I all ready have one of those.

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