Monday, June 20, 2016

Garden 2016 Update 7

We have green tomatoes!

We have mostly sauce tomaotes, but there are at least a couple of slicers in the mix! I am also heartened by the sheer number of blooms, needless to say, everything that looks good and is producing, I bought at the store. The plant I pulled out last week and the plant I am going to pull out this week came from the hipsters with a greenhouse. Lesson learned damn it.

They did do well with my celery root though, and there was no way I was going to find celery root starters at Home Depot - where I am now boycotting because Mr. Home Depot is a Trump supporter!  that leaves only Lowes for my big box home improvement store needs, and I am officially angry with them too, because they cowardly pulled their sponsorship of an innocuous reality show about the day-to-day life of a Muslim family in America, because they got calls from bigots complaining about Islamist's on their TVs and thus it was removed from all of our TVs.

The bigots could have left it on my TV and just turned the channel to NASCAR highlights or whatever  it is bigots like to watch on TV.  But no, it had to be gone from all the TVs. Religious Freedom, Ya'll!

Anyway, back to the garden. The hipster provided celery root ( the only plants they sold me that haven't died yet, thank you hipsters!), I have two plants of the four I started with, this is the larger, but the other one is coming along quite nicely too.


After such drama with the pepper plants, I have some good news! They are all still alive! and a couple are producing!

They don't grow very fast, but they produce much longer than the tomatoes do, I am feeling a little more hopeful than I was a couple of weeks ago.

My container squash plant is trying to squash my peppers

The plants are going nuts! They are not however, giving me any squash joy yet, I have found a few female flowers with nice looking baby's...

 But they aren't getting fertilized  in time and they die, I am a little concerned. I pulled one of the plants in the new garden because it was a little peeky looking ( from being crowded) and while I don't need dozens of spaghetti squash anyway, I would like to get at least some - but if the plants and bees don't get on it, I'm not going to have any. Sniff.

Zucchini plant is looking very nice

My corn plants that are sharing space with the squash are doing as well as can be expected, I'm really happy they are doing as well as they are. I really had no idea the squash would be so exuberant.

This weekend was  officially Shrub Maintenance   weekend and I spent most of Saturday trimming and tiding. If you didn't see how bad it was before , you can't really understand how much better it looks now. I would have taken "before" pictures, but it was just too shameful.

I pulled suckers from beneath the tree that throws entirely too much shade on the old garden,I trimmed the hell out of the plants under the bedroom window ( love my hedge trimmer!) trimmed back the vines on the fence, and mowed the yard. I also did heroic work in the front yard that required the ladder to accomplish! -  but I forgot to take pictures because it was hot and I was over it, I will post those tomorrow because the yard looks so much nicer now. I also found a couple of pictures I took before I moved into the house almost 15 years ago and it will be fun to compare and contrast.

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