Friday, June 17, 2016


I took Rocket downtown for his walk, Thursday and Friday there are food trucks and a band stand and beer bar and venders selling hipster chic novelties and its nice, if crowded. Tonight it was almost empty. Normally, we can barely get down the street, there are people wall to wall. I don't know if Orlando spooked them or they all went on vacation at the same time but it was a different vibe this time around.

The ACLU people were still there. They want to talk to me about HB2. I tell them I am doing my part, thankyouverymuch ( they have no idea what the orchestra is, and I would explain, but if you talk to them too long they want you to go to meetings) and I might already be a member. I was a member but then they did something along the way that pissed me off - I can't remember specifically what it was, but I think I quite them and I did so with some prejudice.

 I joined initially because Dukakis  got shit in the debates because he was A Card Carrying Member and I thought giving him shite for that was nonsense, so I joined and I was a member for a while and I might have gone to meetings on campus - they were less aggressive  than Greenpeace and Amnesty International -  extremely earnest campus lefty groups I tried out but couldn't tolerate because the stridency level was off putting.

 Every Thursday we had Free Speech Hour in the quad and groups would table there and hand out tracts and bumper stickers.  Free Speech Hour. Wow, today I find that off putting and limiting and I can not believe that that was just what we accepted. I think our Peace and Justice chapter must have been staffed by young Republicans.

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