Friday, July 1, 2016

Door 3

The door is sanded. I'm not sure its perfectly sanded - It would be a lot better if it was down and horizontal and I could really do the job.

But since its not down, I did what I could. I borrowed my brothers hand sander and hit the door hard (Thank Gawd for Youtube, I needed to replace the sand paper and I didn't know how, a quick search found a very boring but ultimately educational tutorial on how to do exactly that I also used a block sander and oddly, I think I am happier with what it did with the wood. I'm going to prime and sand this evening and hopefully, get the door down and painted on Saturday and then resanded and painted again.

After I got the initial sanding down Thursday, the dog and I took a nap because... Sanding is very taxing, after I got up, I was torn about what to do next. The dog needed new food from Target, so that was on the Must List, and I wanted to return something to Lowes -  which I  could have done it all Friday, but I went for it and did my errands Thursday. And I just realized that I also should have hit Wally on the way back, so Friday, after I prime the door I can celebrate by going to Wally to buy protein bars. Whoooo.

While I was at Lowes I picked up my new porch lights! I was going to wait, but I just wanted  it off the list. I ended up going with the larger size on them because after measuring what was there and checking out the measurements on the smaller version, I decided that the larger choice was going to be the right ones and if they are too large, I can just return and replace.

I got my return takn care of and picked up some tack cloth for the door and then off to Target. I got the dog food and a card for my 95 year old Great Aunt, I already had one for my 90 year old Great Aunt and I wanted to get them cards that went with their ages, it felt wrong to get the one a card that says "WOW! You're 90!" and the other older one a card that just says "Happy Nonspecific Birthday!" Not okay.

Target came through for me and had a 95th birthday, they also had 100th and my dog food.

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