Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Door 4

The Door (s)

I'm not done completely with the doors yet, there is still some work with a razer blade to do and there are patches on the back door that need my attention, bu for the most part they are done. I think the color is great and looks fantastic on the house. I wish I had done it sooner, in fact, I think moving forward that I will repaint the door as I see fit. There isn't any reason to not paint it whenever I want to. I don't have to strip it again, so it will be much easier and faster the next time I do it - It won't be soon, but maybe in less than a year. I think it will be fun.

Right after I got home from work it rained like a bitch. It came out of nowhere and it fell hard. It was a mess, I'm glad I went with fixing dinner right away instead of taking the dog for a quick walk.

A couple of weeks ago I finally paid the man to put my heater up where it belongs! I would have worried about all that rain and the basement - not an issue while its falling, but in a couple of hours, there will be water in my basement. However , it can get as wet as it wants! The water heater got its own house and now it's safe from whatever the basement tries to mess with it. I am so happy!

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