Friday, July 8, 2016


So, these arrived today

This is a new teevee and a fire stick. I don't know how to make either of them work. The teevee is "smart" or the stick makes it smarter or something. So the stick is like adderall or something. It may be smarter than I am. It wouldn't be hard.

 I have these shiny new toys because they were fiercely on sale and I just got paid. This is a period of time that I should be tied up in a dark room until the urges pass. I thought it would be nice to use the newbies as a back up teevee - put them in whatever bedroom I was currently using - But then I learned that they are so much nicer than what I have now that they may go straight to varsity . The current TV will move to the bench. The stick can go from teevee to teevee, so I can make the old teevee smart too.

I get a pat on the back this evening because I remembered to take the trash out and it wasn't the middle of the night in my pajamas or dawn in the rain. I get points for that. I also earned points for playing chicken with the rain and winning. Normally when I try that I end up blinking and soaking wet. No points for that. This time the rain blinked first and the dog and I got home dry - sweaty, because we had to rush, and strangers kept suggesting that I hurry to beat the rain-  but better sweat wet than rain wet.

Points were lost this week, because I haven't mowed either yard and I had kind of planned to do that one day this week after work. I really don't think that "hot"is a good enough excuse for not doing something like that. Its summer, its hot deal with it and get the job done.

Speaking of jobs getting done, I signed up for a free workout class that meets on Monday, it also meets on Wednesday but I have air horn, so I can only make the Monday class, I'm not sure you're supposed to go to both classes anyway. I haven't done organized exercising or exercised in a group since the occasional calisthenics the tennis coach would decide we needed. He was a prick.

But. It does give me an excuse to get myself a mat to work out on and something cute to exercise in, and that also won't embarrass me in public. I don't think people who exercise in public in groups wear skorts and tee- shirts to work out in. I'm not sure I'm ready for spandex.

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