Friday, August 26, 2016


I made it through my first round of at home phone banking calls. I don't know how many calls I made, I wasn't keeping track, I will keep track next time, but I do now how many contacts I made. : Zero  not a single damn one.

I mean come on! So wrong! Not a single one!  Fax lines, multiple disconnected lines,  and my old friend the answering droid.  I feel really bad for my volunteer leader, she and I exchanged a lot of phone calls and she went back and forth with her supervisor trying to get my phone thing figured out and then when it does get figured out ( it took three days)  I get nada my first time out.

Well, we will see how my luck goes tonight. I'll do more after the  AT&T guy leaves on Saturday and maybe some on Sunday - when I'm not  getting the house ready and packing and taking Aces stuff to Brosky and Alphagals (sob!) . I have so much to do and I'm not doing it and I'm going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off at the last moment  and that is such a  bad  place to be in and so stressful and it's my fault. I need to pull it together.

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