Friday, August 5, 2016

Toe 3 - The Toe-ening

Today was a very big day : I walked at lunch and after work, I walked the dog.

I had to walk to the dog, I was going to walk the dog if I had to do it in a hover round, he hadn't had a walk since Sunday and he was making me crazy. Weims do not have hobbies and they don't meditate. Weims are land sharks, they keep moving or they get ugly.

Rocket was getting very unattractive.

I didn't want to over do the walking, I walked a short bit at lunch and did well, but I don't want to anger the toe and cause it to have a relapse or whatever, so instead of  going on our full walk, I drove about half way down Hargett and walked to downtown. It was a good plan and it worked out. We got our walk and the toe was pleased.

Toe needs a lot of hand holding. I soak it and change the dressing twice a day and diligently wear the shoe - that I have had to Macgyver into usefulness, it is now stapled because it didn't come with working velcro. Make that work - non-functional velcro . . it kept popping open and getting loose and that was very frustrating .

But I fixed it, it isn't as tight as I might like, but its popping open  randomly either, another piece of good news, my tetanus shot site no longer hurts! Whee! I can move at will again! Its a beautiful day!

The safe-for-work version of toe, I have tape on the toe next to it because it gets chaffed from the dressing.

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