Monday, September 26, 2016


And I'm back.

This weekend I went to Sam's about fifteen times, honestly,  I was there over and over and over again. I could not catch a break.  When I wasn't at Sam's, I  drove out to Pittsboro Saturday morning to go to a Outsider Art called Clydefest

 that I really enjoyed and while I was there I visited a museum, the Small Museum of Folkart where one of my friends is represented

 and went to a funky cafe that made me bus my own table and still insisted on me leaving a tip  - and on Sunday I went to a NARAL rally closer to home and  listened to Deborah Ross give her stump speech to a whole bunch of student dems from George Washington University down to make calls for Clinton and NARAL and about six folks who actually could vote for her.

I drove 200 miles over the weekend. And I posted a whole bunch of pictures from Marquette  here

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