Friday, October 21, 2016

Ch,Ch.Ch, Changes

 I bought my washer and dryer. It is not the washer and dryer I thought I was going to buy, I had a vision of what I was going to end up with and I was certain that I was going to end with a version of it.

I was going to get a fancy new thoroughly 2016 top loader washer and dryer and the washer was going to have a glass lid and they were going to be fabulous and super efficient because that is what I  really want when I get down to it, I am seeking energy efficiency and the more efficant the better .

Well. I ended up with Samsung  front loaders. They don't have to stack, they are just staged that way.

I didn't want front loaders, I didn't research front loaders and I had pretty much decided that I was not even going to look at front loaders because 1) Ew, so last whatever, I mean, so over them and 2) They are more expensive, 3) The new top loaders are so now, so new so sexxxyyy!

They are however, very deep and my washer and dryer are lifted up about six inches and I would probably have to have a step stool always parked in front of the machines  so I could load and unload and that could become kind of a pain after a while. The front loaders are better in the long run and are a more sensible choice, even if they aren't what I thought I wanted. They do a lot of the same sexxxyyy things the top loaders do and have many  of the same bells and whistles that I  probably won't use on these machines either.

Well. My front loader washer is very efficant!  Moren efficant than any of the top loaders I had been lusting over. I was really, really happy to learn this! I mean I was giddy. (Consumer Reports approves of my choice as well)

 I went with it initially because it was available on a schedule that worked for me, I can have it next Saturday and that is just fine with me -  and they were  also nominally on sale and I don't want to spend any more time on this. I need to be working on tankless water heaters.

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