Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Defcon Milk!

It may be go-time. I went to Wally and while the place wasn't a zoo, everyone had milk in their baskets! We are at defcon something, clearly.

Prepping ahead of the storm:

Thus far I have :

- bought flashlights that came with batteries, might want to get more batteries
- bought a bag of charcoal for my  tiny grill
- cleaned up all the small/light weight things from the back yard and either put them in the shed or just disposed of them.
- got the hoses ready to spend the winter in the basement
-  removed a couple of really light weight things from the front yard
- took down the flags and bunting from the from deck
- bought some cans of tuna for the long haul
-bought more food for the cats
- ordered a car charger for my new phone so I can keep it charged.

Things to do ;

- remember to bring up some ground meat from freezer to make hamburger patties to grill
-remember to get more batteries at Sams
-check and see if the lighter things I have still light
-get ice for nifty cooler I bought because it was Texas themed, not because I expected to actually need it.
-wash all dishes.
-get water?
- clear chair from front yard, put small plants by house.

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