Friday, October 7, 2016


I had plans to be very efficant when I came home from work. I was going to make dinner early, walk the dog early, eat the dinner post walk and then make my phone calls for Hillary. Super.

And then I actually did all those things! I made dinner - spaghetti squash and venison , walked dog, ate dinner and sat down to make calls.

Could not make calls. I logged in and what I needed was not there. So. No phone calls. I did email my handler and told her that I had a problem and then I logged off, I am a volunteer, I don't stress over this.

I ate more of my nummy dinner and essentially wasted a lot of time, so much time I almos forgot to cat nlog and ended up with half assed pictures. Sorry, my bad.

Also, let us all think positive thoughts and prayers and not  low level, bull shit, hateful Republican "thoughts-and-prayers", actual, genuine, Please -let- them- be -okay -and- let -them- be -safe- and- let- them- come- though -thy- will- be-done level thoughts and prayers.

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