Monday, October 3, 2016


I did a whole bunch of stuff, still less stuff than last weekend but I slept more this weekend so I will take it for a win.

I got laundry done, did some work in the yard, did my Walmarting, visited with Broskey and Alphagal, checked out the Halloween section at Target, discovered I do not look good as a blond, dyed my hair back to its correct shade, and spent some time on Fayetteville Street enjoying the Wide Open Blue Grass crowds - but did not get to enjoy much Blue Grass at all! I don't know where they were hiding it, but it was not out where it could be found easily like it has been in years past.

Rocket was a huge hit.

Did you know it was October?  The trip to Targets Halloween section made me think about costumes ; What do I want Rocket to be this year? There are so many options! So many expensive options. I decided to check and see if last years totally cute Super Man costume still fit and it did, so he's going to be Super Man this year again. I would love for him to be Elvis, because there is a super flashy Elvis costume out there. but its really hard to find in his size and it gets pricey.

I may make a trip to the big box pet stores to see what they have yet, but I really like the Super Man costume. I've seen some other costumes online that look interesting, but  I think what he has is good enough and works, but if I'm out and about and  I see something that is PEFECT, I  will have to entertain the idea of course.

Speaking of "his size" and costumes, Alphagal is making him a custom Santa Suit! Its is going to be stunning. He had a serviceable santa costume, but it was made out of sweat shirt material and it was just not as cute as it could be. I found him  a much nicer suite online but as it turned out, it was too small and he couldn't wear it. Enter Alphagal!

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