Friday, October 28, 2016


Okay. WHy there isn't an actual entry for today. I didn't have to do anything so I didn't do anything. I didn't have to go shopping for any major appliances, I didn't have to go protest any injustices, I didn't have to go grocery shopping, There was nothing pressing on TV early ( I am trying to enjoy Midsomer Murders but it is boring as hell) I didn't have to do anything but walk the dog and chat on the phone with a friend so that's pretty much all I did until I realized my friend was going to be in my house and OH SHIT SOMEONE IS GOING TO BE IN MY HOUSE AND IT LOOKS LIKE IT DOES!!

And so I hurried up and vacuumed the downstairs and tomorrow I will properly clean the bathroom and that will be that and hopefully she won't get a close look at the rest of it. I will heave Tiny into her arms and she will be charmed by is almost painful level of cuteness and she will be blinded to my level  of housekeeping FAIL.

I also worked really hard to get proper cat blogging pictures. Its really hard to get decent pictures, and Ace in particular is being a huge Diva for some reason and is not interested in cooperating. I really miss Tex a lot some days, he was a cat who enjoyed being photographed and  oddly, enjoyed cooperating.

Most cats are not actually as easy to photograph as the internet or Tex leads you ( me) to believe. They do not pose. They do not actually enjoy flash photography and they are not easy to work with. Just so you know.

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