Monday, October 31, 2016


This weekend. I started off seeing a friend I hadn't seen in a very long time and we celebrated by going to an art installation of air blown rabbits. Trippy, psychedelic, three story white rabbits. They played  irritating electronica rave music and sold blinky flashing club kid  jewelry. It was marketed as a family friendly night on the museum grounds: It was a baby rave,

My friend and I are enjoyed the contact high we got, but we're really too old for the blinky flashy crap electronica and the beards, so many hipster beards! Kiddos, please. Move on already with the beards.

On Saturday I got up easrly to prepare for my washer and dryer to be delivered. I was told that I would get a call one half hour before the delivery guys wpould arrive. I got a call ten minutes before they arrived.  Lovely. This was not a good start.

It did not get better. The guy came down the stairs and took one look at my washing machine and delared that they could not install the machine. I told him that Home Depot installed the machine he was looking at, so I was pretty sure he could install the new machine. He again repeated that it was not possible. He was not apologetic about this stance.

I was aghast.  I told him he would be installing my machines because hat was what he was there to do and what I wanted him to do. Again, he refused. He sited his insurance. I told him my insurance would handle it. Apparently not.

We went back and forth and I told him to get the hell out. More or less. He took my washer and dryer and left. I called Home Depot and complained about the installers and their rudeness and the lack of customer service and how I absolutly expected that Home Depot would be sending my W&D back to my house post haste and  they would be installing them and how it would NOT be the team they sent this morning. They informed me that the installers were a 3rd party vender and they did not work for Home Depot  and they could not force them to do anything and what they would do would be reschedule them for next week and the team would deliver the W&D and remove the old machines but they would NOT install the machines. I would be on the hook to find someone to install them myself.

I said Fine.

I went to Broskey and Alphagals for some puppy therapy and to introduce Tiny to Esme. Neither was too impressed with the other. I was very impressed with young Esme, who has grown since I saw her last

Saturday night I was still mad  as hell and insulted. I made a few phone calls and had some conversations and had some thoughts and went shopping. I bought new a new washer and dryer at one of their competitors Saturday evening and went back to  Home Depot Sunday morning and canceled my order, making it clear that I was more than pleased with the woman who sold them to me, because she was great, They lost the sale because the 3rd party installers  they use instead of using their own employees to do the job, were rude, poorly trained, had zero customer service skills and their behavior reflected badly on Home Depot. During my monologue to the appliance manager, listing my multiple reasons I was canceling my order I refrained from mentioning I know the owner of Home Depot is a Trump supporter and that does not make me think that I should forgive the company for this transgression. And then I walked out, possibly forever.

Later on Sunday afternoon, And then I went to a Doggy Halloween Costume Contest where I learned that My costume game is very, very sad and I am not in the game at all. If I want to win, I need to go all in. I need to wear a couples costume with my dog if I want to be competitive. This year , I wore a skort and a tee shirt. I thought I was good because my tee shirt was the same color as my Tevas. This was not good enough. My dog was Super Man and I was not in costume. Not good enough.

If you want to win the Doggy Costume Contest you have to go all in. This was who won

Pac Man! The whole Fam! Mama, Daddy, Baby and the two Danes! I mean, how cute are they?! and they were just the nicest people ever and I am so glad they won. Next year though, next year, I see a wolf costume for Rocket to go with my Red Riding Hood Costume and we will be competitive.

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