Friday, December 9, 2016

In the Dark

I learned since I moved up stairs, that I can put a serious crimp in my morning if I am a couple of inches off my normal trajectory when I come out of the bathroom. I was not careful enough on launch and I had too much speed and ended up lost in my own bedroom.

The first thing I do is get to the lamp and pull on the strings and  turn on the bulbs. Good morning to me. This morning I kept trying to find the  lamp but it either wasn't there anymore or the lamp was on the move! The lamp wasn't where it was supposed to be! In fact, there was no lamp! My alarm clock and its glow was no help either with my navigation: my treacherous pillow was blocking it. I was lost in the dark and I might have well been in the middle of a warehouse.

None of my usual touch points where there and I was left flopping around in the dark, helpless. I couldn't find the lamp and I was wondering what had happened, Nothing was where it was where I had left it the night before and for a few seconds I was really confused.

By the time I finally found my way back to the bed I was absolutely relieved that  it hadn't disappeared or that I hadn't woken up in a new space. The animals by the way were of no help. I had always thought that somehow at least the dog would  come to my rescue and lead me to whatever passed for safety in a situation but that was not to be. I'm pretty sure the animals and their superior night vision just watched me flailing around and laughed at me.

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