Monday, December 19, 2016


And what did I do this weekend? Nothing? Not a damn thing. I had no to-do list. I slept sinnfully, shamefully late both days,  but I felt no shame at all! Sleep is healing.

I watched  a lot  of  TV, I took a break from my TV watching and made a shopping run to stock up for the week and get gas for the car, when I finished up at the grocery,  I bought myself two new purses - on deep clearance from Hamricks so they both are probably made from Asbestos or the pelts of diseased baby seals but they were very cheap and are sooo cute so as long as I don't use them as plates or  try to drink out of them I'll be fine.

The  one I'm useing now is perfect for the rest winter and is just adorable and the other is going to be so cute for the spring and into the summer!

I didn't wrap gifts or do any cleaning. I had a great weekend.

What I did do. I visited with my family, I did the laundry, I went to a really fun party Friday night, I took the dog to Dix to run around off leash and take advantage of the momentary lull in the frigid temperatures, I made cheese sauce and enjoyed dinners of steak and riced cauliflower and cheese sauce Saturday and Sunday nights.

This coming week I'll wrap gifts and get the house cleaned up and be useful, But I really needed the rest this weekend and I took advantage of it.

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