Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I was woken up this morning by my cat not so gently exfolitateting my face. My doctors office just began to offer this same service for  I am sure a small fortune. It was very nice of him to do voluntarily with the same thing he licks himself with. My skin is now very smooth though. I know that there is a market for the 100% all natural, totally pure exfoliation though.

There are those out there what would be thrilled to pay out the ass for my cat, or really any cat, to hold them immobile and sit on their chests and aggressively lick their faces! It would hurt a little,  cats do have cat breath - which isn't sweet BTW - however, it would leave them with a totally clean and completely exfoliated face, or at least an exfoliated portion of face. My cat likes to groom a section at a time and is pretty dedicated to area. If he's really feeling it, and he feels that I have lapsed in my personal grooming regime,  he may "do" one whole hemisphere including my ear!  But that is unusual. Maybe two cats per client?  I'm not sure they would cooperate like that. And there is the issue that not all cats are into grooming humans, Tiny has never gone there and I don't remember Tex being interested in the field. There are details to work out but I think this could be a money making plan.

I know there is a market for the chemical free chemical peel.

This morning before I brushed my teeth, for about two seconds I thought it was Wednesday. It was actually Tuesday. I was happy about it be Wednesday until I  remembered that it was in fact, Tuesday and I settled into that.  I was further disappointed when  I wasn't able to take my phone with me when I walked the dog,  and that was an issue - it was upgrading itself and it didn't want to be separated from its wi-fi.

So I took a whole walk without my steps being counted on one of my step counters and the workout didn't get counted officially, I can log it to Map My Walk and get it logged in, but it doesn't  count in the official count of anything. So it was a wasted walk. And? I was out in the dark with nothing but a 70+ pound dog to protect me! Which is fine but a phone is like having a light saber! No one has ever messed with me, see 70 +  pound dog listed above, but the phone offers a certain level of instant protection that I like to have at hand. To be honest, I've never need any protection at that hour everyone is thoroughly startled when they see another person,  The code word for  "I am harmless is: "Good Morning".

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