Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Well, Happy New Year!  Last year was awful and 2017 isn't going to be better, it will not be worse. This year we have knowledge our our side, and we are done being surprised. No more mourning, it is time to resist.

Boots on the ground boys and girls! You know where you are supposed to be, go there. I suggest we put away our widows weeds and take up really good helmets and shoulder pads because we're all going to spend a lot of time running head first into a solid walls of shit over and over again until we break through to the other side, wear protective gear and don't be stupid.

 But if we all work together, we will get through those first walls of shit and we can  start on the next walls of shit and they are going to to be harder and taller than the first ones and they are probably going to be full of razor blades... Mazel Tov! But we have to get  through those too, we have no choice. The only way through it is to do it. Go Fight Win.

Do not stop being angry, no not give up. We did not lose. We will come out the other side and we will be victorious. One fight after another. We survived before, we will survive again.

We will be called to make a statement with our numbers, over and over ladies and gentleman, and you must answer these calls if you do nothing else, answer these calls and attend these rallies! Get comfortable shoes because we're going to be doing a lot of  marching. I suggest leaving the big signs at home, they make you look clever and you will get your picture taken, but they are a bitch to carry and become burdensome quickly. Bring water and food instead,  still, go to rallies, be seen, be heard!, there will be one near you, sooner or later.  Join a resistance group. Go Fight Win.

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