Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Face Lift

You may have noticed this looks different now. They offered a  redecoration and I said "sure". I don't often look at it as it is, I see it in an entirely different view than the reader does, and so if the change is too much for you, please accept my apologies.

So much news today! Overwhelming news today and its still coming in, faster and faster and I am not qualified to explain it in anyway. I would suggest following me on Twitter,  @megjac, or go over to the far right of the page where it says "updates on Twitter" and that takes you directly to my feed, because I retweet people who are very qualified and do a very good job of explaining it. So much news today that I think we all need a little giant chicken in our lives. Those are real chickens, a real breed. Just really, really big.

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