Tuesday, March 7, 2017


And So I sent in my taxes for the eighth time, this time I rounded up again maybe they don't like 49, maybe they will like 50 better ( edited to add NO they did not! rejected again!). Who knows? Turbo Tax told me I could call the IRS and get my corrected AGI number. That was a LIE.  I called the IRS to get an appointment to go to an actual brick and mortar office to talk to an actual person, and the IRS was not warm to that idea, I told them why I needed to come in and the IRS won't give me that number in person or over the phone.

I was told that I can apply for my tax transcript that will have that number on it, so I did that and I think I ordered the wrong one because they confused me throughly. I asked for 2015 but they told me I couldn't have 2015, I could have 2014 - which may be part of 2015? I don't know! I wasn't allowed to talk to a person so I won't know until it shows up in 5-10 days.

My best bet is to just mail my tax form in! I have never mailed my tax form in! I don't know how to mail my tax form in! How do you mail your taxes in?! How does that  even work? Where do I send my state Income Tax to? I've always done it online! I need help and the IRS no longer has the staffing available to help actual tax payers! Thank you Cheeto, you giant tax cheat! I hope you die in jail and burn in hell. May all your lineage be forever under audit.

My Grandfather worked for the IRS, I deserve better than this.

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