Monday, March 13, 2017

The Weekend

I'm almost embarrassed to report how little I did over the last two days. I did laundry earlier in the week, so I didn't have that to do, I did my shopping ahead of the storm, just in case it turned into more of a thing than was forecast, so that was off the list. I slept through the St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday that I didn't know was this weekend anyway - I was in the parade last year so maybe it was a good year to sit it out.

I watched a lot of TV, I spent a lot of time on the chair with the dog. I did take the dog for a nice walk on Saturday because I thought it might be too stormy to take him out Sunday - it wasn't.

It did snow Sunday morning, enough to stick and look kind of nice for about two hours. I walked Rocket in it and he was delighted by it. I had thought it might stick around a little longer but it was gone before noon. I showed up for our Urban Agility class at 1pm but apparently, the snow stuck around longer outside of Raleigh. It was so stormy that it prevented the instructor from calling me and letting me know that the class had been canceled. It was bone dry and warm where I was and class could have gone on easily, I am aware that one of my classmates does come in from Goldsboro and I could understand why she might not be able to make it, but the instructor could have made it and I think there is at least one other member of our class who does not live in another area code. Or the instructor could have CALLED ME.

Rocket and went on a nice walk and found a couple of nice concrete barricades  to climb on.

And then we went home and watched TV.

Tiny has caught Aces head cold. He seems to be handling it better and he doesn't seem to feel nearly as sick. He is sneezy though and a little more clingy, which is really sweet , right up to where we were curled up with the dog watching TV and he looked up at me and sneezed in my face, twice. Lovely.

I took a shower later and made sure both cats were in the room with me. I thought they could both do with a good steam treatment. Tiny is always up for a good steam. but Ace was not a happy camper and wanted o-u-t.  Well, he might hot have liked it but I bet the steam made him feel better.

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