Thursday, March 9, 2017


Did you strike? I wore red and posted memes. I did what I could, I heared that the scheduled rally in downtown Raleigh was canceled. I was disappointed in my workmates, only three of us wore anything in the red family -but those of us in red did know why we were wearing it, so there is that.

The test of us wore navy, they got a different memo. I'm not sure what that represented.

While I was working, but slowly, I worked slowly because I was on strike damn it, I called my vet to tell them that Ace has a stuffy nose. He does! I heard his sneeze from another room over the weekend and I thought he was choking, he wasn't. It sounded like someone was stepping on a squeaky toy. It wasn't until later when I was actually in the room when he did it again that I was able to suss out what the noise meant, if it wasn't so cute it would be very sad. Poor thing. Ace has a head cold and he feels just awful, I went to pick him up and he let me! I know he's sick.

I called the vet because this morning when I came downstairs for breakfast, all the animals came down with me, like they always do. All the animals came down except for him. I had to go looking for him and I found him curled into a little cat ball under my old computer desk, just so miserable. He didn't come down until it was time for cat snacks as I was leaving for the day. He is not a well kitty.

Looking up "cats with head colds" isn't helpful either. thousands of entries about cats with stuffy noses and they are all different but they all boil down to: Its either allergies or cancer. Very helpful, very comforting, it's either nothing or time to get the cat put down.

This is why I stopped taking cats to vets. I had a good run, after years and years of constant visits to the vet with the cat I lost the cat and decided that I was never going to take another cat to the vet. I stood by that for a long time. I didn't take a cat to the vet for years, I didn't even have a vet for the cat until I had a vet for the cat and now I have to take my cat to the vet.

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