Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I was afraid I overslept this morning. I got up at what I imagined was my regular time. I brushed my teeth, I washed my face I took my pills. I got dressed I took the animal downstairs. I turned on the coffee machine, I found the dog's leash and I took the dog out.

There were people other there. I saw people going about their daily work. At 5: 30 in the morning! I saw a guy taking his trash out, a woman putting stuff in her car... This is when I started to think that I somehow radically overslept. I never see people out doing chores at this hour.

It's not a traditional time to casually take out the household trash! He didn't appear to be sleepwalking either, he said good morning to me and everything. Like it was a reasonable time, daylight even! I started to really worry about what time it really was. The woman kind of scared me, she is new, just moved into a rent house and I'm not familiar with her schedule yet.

 I think its a new job for her, she wasn't up and moving around yesterday, but I think I remember there being a light on inside. A warm up for her first day, if she is smart. She appears to be a school car driver, one of those people employed by the district to pick kids up who are not on a bus route but need a ride to school -  so she may be an early person. I will have to make sure she is aware I am part of her morning routine so she doesn't accidentally run over me some morning. I think she leaves later though, she was busy loading her car  or something , but she was still in her bathrobe so she wasn't ready to leave quite yet but she seemed quite intent on her carloading duties. Too intent for that hour! If you having to rush at 5:30am you should have done this last night. Just saying.

It still freaked me out. First this new lady and a few houses later, a cheerful man taking his trash out  like it was 9:30 or something. Who takes out trash at 5:30am? I don't casually take out my trash at that hour and I'm always awake at that hour! Taking out the trash is a much later on job, a reasonable time in the day job. I don't go outside at stupid o'clock in the morning just the take out the trash!   And by the way, Tuesday is not their trash day, Wednesday is their trash to the curb day. I know these things.

I also know that the house at the end of my street is empty now and it has taken approximately four days for the beer cans and bottles to start to collect on their side yard. I also noted that no one bothered to take their trash container and recycling thing back to the house after the wind blew them over and they lay there in the street on their backs like dead turtles until I did it and that no one is going to pick up the cans and bottles until I pick up the cans and bottles and if I don't do it it is not going to get done. Take it to the bank.

People pay 300k to live here now but they don't pay for upkeep. God Forbid they pick up some trash now and then. They go and clean up the greenway because that makes them feel on good inside and aren't they good citizens and aren't they doing their part! but picking up their own neighborhood is not their job. Assholes.

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