Thursday, March 23, 2017


I dutifully went to my follow up appointment with my orthopedist today ( that I had forgotten about until I found the card at the bottom of my purse last week) and the office didn't have any record of why I was there.

We had a bit of a stand off. The gatekeeper kept looking at her calender and at me and then back at her calender., somehow, this was my fault. She asked if I had an appointment card and by some miracle, and it was a miracle, because I normally  they end up on my desk at work where I use them to clean my keyboard, I pulled out my appointment card out of my purse (on the first try!) and gave it to the  gatekeeper. She was somewhat nonplussed. "Whose handwriting is this?" She said. "Not mine?" I said.

They still got me in and the doctor didn't really seem to know why I was there either. We agreed I was doing very well, I discovered the doctor is either a really bad judge of character or  I'm a better liar than I thought. I told him I was religiously doing my exercises every night and he believed me!

I haven't done them since our last appointment when no progress had been made despite my weeks of religious doing of the exercises. Since then, a month of religious non-doing of those same exercises have produced the exact same effect. He told me I could cut back to doing them once a week! I think I can cut back my not doing them every day schedule to not doing them once a week with no problem.

If whatever it is happens again, I will call him and tell him it "flared" . Otherwise I'm an outy. He's very excited, and I am a good patient.

We did not discuss my head cold or my thrush. It is getting worse and is affecting my judgement. This evening at 8:15pm I discovered that I didn't have any apples in the house. Instead of saying "Well, no apples. Oh well. I went to the grocery and bought apples, and frozen  prepared salmon thingies and a couple of Atkins approved frozen mac and cheese things.  I did not need these. I blame the thrush for this. Which I still have, six days into the seven day treatment. Sigh.

Oh. And it took me three tries to properly leave to walk the dog today. Three. The first time I didn't get to the end of the driveway before I decided it was really too cool out and I needed a better jacket, so I had to turn around and go back inside and get a better coat and set out again, the second time I got away from the house but discovered too late that I didn't have any bags and I needed bags five seconds ago and now I had to go back to the house and get the bags, so I went to the house and got bags. Then I had to go back to the scene of the crime to find it and had to walk back and forth for two long before I finally ran across it again. And then we started our walk. Finally. Again, the thrush is messing with my whole system. Brain fog is a side effect of treatment.

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