Monday, March 27, 2017


Saturday was glorious. I slept through a lot of it, but that's fine, it's stays light a lot longer than it used to.

I pulled out the newly repaired mower and plugged that bad boy in and went to work on my badly overgrown back yard. I did really good work. I had it set on the very highest setting and I had just finished my first pass  knocking the worst of it down, and had just set it down to the real setting to go back over the yard to really get the lawn mowed and the mower stopped.

I went to the basement and low and behold, the breaker had flipped. I reflipped it and went back upstairs to finish the job.

Nope. They told me it was fixed and they lied. It was temporally fixed, they made it work for one mow and then it stopped working. That is not fixed. It is going back to the shop, and we are going to have a talk on Monday. I unplugged the mower and cleaned it out a little and rolled it in the driveway and folded it up and heaved it into to the back of the car and back we go to the mower store. I was pissed.

I was planning on getting the yard ready for the spring and now its only half done. It looks a lot better but, just putting my umbrella back up makes it look better. I wanted to mow the yard and I got thwarted.

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