Thursday, May 25, 2017


Yesterday I walked out of my building in the rain, through my parking lot in the rain, and out to my car, in the rain. Then I drove to the Sam's, walked through the parking lot in the rain, did my business with Sam's, walked through the parking lot in the rain again, and drove home.

I walked in the house, greeted the dog, took him out, in the rain, and then announced that I was going to change into sweats and we were going to spend the rest of the evening in the house watching hours of TV. Which we did. It was marvelous.

I paused the TV for a bit so I could mop the dogs room with pee-be-gone, and now it smells much better. I don't know where he did it, I never came home to find a puddle, but he did it somewhere at some point because the odor was eye squintingly sharp and I was over it. Now the house smells like pee-be-gone. Which means my house smells like a funeral parlor - one part disinfectant, one part formaldehyde and one part dead flowers. Its a dream come true if you've been playing hide and seek with dog pee or, the dog did not pee and what I was smelling was  the actually more noxious - outdoor male cat spray. There is an outdoor cat and my windows have been open and that cat could have sprayed and it could have in theory, gotten into my house. My dog is very house trained.

Whatever it was, it is g-o-n-e.

Today I walked out of the building I  the overcast and I thought that there was some chance that the dog and I might have a chance to get a walk. It was fun spending hours in my sweats watching TV, I don't want to spend every night like that - it makes it less special.

I took the dog out and it was nice enough. I made dinner and it was nice enough. I fed the dog, still okay. I sat down to eat and it started to rain. Hard. And it kept raining.

The closest thing I came to a walk was wandering around Target when I went to get Rockets meds - drama free this time.

I was watching so much TV last night I missed some TV. I have Direct TV and they have told me over and over that as a customer  that I can watch TV anywhere, I finally took them up on that. It just took me an hour and a call to customer service to figure out how to make it work. Silly me thought that when they asked for my email, they actually wanted my email. No, they wanted some weird beard ATT email I didn't even know I had. That was fun. But anyway, I watched a TV show on my computer and it was really kind of cool. So now I'm wondering, can I watch Drag Race on my computer since my parents crappy cable doesn't carry VHI and I'm going to be there over the weekend?  I'll see.

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