Monday, May 1, 2017


I got a lot done this weekend considering I made up for lost sleep for three people. I'm kind like that, it was a volunteer thing - other people needed to catch up on their sleep, but didn't have the time or the ability, I did have the time and the free ( finally!) Saturday to dedicate to sleeping most of it away, and I did it for those other people.

It felt great.

I had a nice brunch and felt refreshed enough to mow both yards, with the manual mower, spend a lot of time in my dank, damp, sopping basement to do some much needed laundry - both machines worked as before, despite being under water for hours, so that was a nice miracle to have happen. Pre- laundry, I needed to empty a couple of laundry baskets, so I also put away a lot of old laundry that had been sitting around; I knew I had a lot of underwear somewhere, it was just a matter of finding it and putting it away. Its amazing how well that works and how much faster you can find your underwear when its back where it belongs instead of buried in a laundry basket, downstairs, in the dining room.

I have a lot of laundry baskets around because in the past, I have been known to just go and buy another laundry basket instead of emptying the ones I have because it seemed like an easier project to face.

I should mention that I came back into the house to a mess. I had left the Dog loose, because  I thought he would be okay. He wasn't okay. He ate a box of sandwich bags and left them scattered all over the floor, so now I have a huge number of homeless sandwich bags to contend with, Thanks dog. Then he went into the bathroom and ate a new lipstick I hadn't taken out of the packaging yet. Thanks again Dog! He did not make a mess, so there was that. Lesson learned, he must be locked up if I am not in the house. He can not be trusted.

So I did all that work outside, came inside and had to clean up  two dog messes, which he my the way, did not even feel guilty about, he feels no guilt whatsoever. He just looks at me like he's somewhat surprised I seem upset  and he wants me to feel better. He doesn't understand that his bad acts are what I am suddenly upset, or he does and he is trying to change the subject.

I did get a lot of laundry done, felt bad about the basement being wet. And watched some TV. And I was tired and sweaty and very hot, and after checking on my wet basement, sad. I needed to watch a lot of TV to recover and I did.

Later I went to Wally and did the weekly shopping. I forgot to buy new lipstick.

Sunday. I actually got up and went to Church, I came home vacuumed the downstairs, and kind of cleaned the bathroom. The basement looks dryer. I went back to Wally and bought replacement lipstick and a couple of half priced hanging baskets. And it rained again. I had a minor breakdown, but I'm better now.

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