Monday, May 22, 2017


You know why I hate Wally? I was nosing around their 50% off plant area because they get bored watering stuff and let them half die and think they are dead and put them on discount to get rid of them before they are 100% dead . Well, I found three plants that were half off because they were half dead.

I knew all they really needed was to get watered and they would bounce right back, well, two just needed water and the other needed to be watered and repotted - I was even going to buy the new pot from Wally, so Ka-ching for Wally. I walked all around the store planning new lives for my half dead plants. They were going to have good lives too. And now they are dead.

I went up to the cashier and asked for a price check on my half off, half dead plants just to make sure they were half price.  They were full price! No sir. I will not pay full price for half dead plants! No. If the checker had half a brain in her head she would have called a manager over and had him make a decision about these dead plants and I'm pretty sure it would have been "Get these dead plants out of my store. Half off sounds good."

They were half off, theywwere on the half off table! under the half off sign! The last of their kind in the store. Wally didn't have its computer system updated - a common problem, and they lost a sale. I was even going to by a replacement pot at full price . The cashier could have seen I was a little upset about not getting those plants - that were now cluttering her station, and Owned The Problem and Solved The Problem. But , she didn't. and she cost her store the sale and my goodwill. and killed those plants.

Earlier Saturday, I was more successful. I went to Artsplosure and bought Art! I am not really interested in Alpacas, but I saw  painting of one at one of the tents and I kept thinking about it. I decided if I was still thinking of it when I was ready of leaving, I should go back and take a closer look.

Well, I looked all all the tents and a lot of gorgeous art - so much nicer than last year, much better variety of art than last year! I was very unimpressed last year with what they had. This year was a great improvement.

So, I looked at everything and I was still thinking about that alpaca and I retraced my steps and finally found the tent. I have excellent taste, that alpaca was $375. Clearly, it was not my Alpaca, there must be another Alpaca that was actually mine. The problem was, I really liked the $375 Alpaca, the expression was perfect and was just so soothing. I need soothing right now. Fortunately, the artist had prints and she had prints of other alpacas , she also had some very nice cows, and some, I thought, very judgy sheep and some goats that just looked a little snippy to me and finally, a  somewhat soothing alpaca - although,  not quite as intensely soothing as the $375 alpaca . I spent a lot of time studying the varying degrees of calming provided by the  alpacas and decided that the $30 alpaca was adequately calming. I brought her home.

And then I cleaned the kitchen. I mopped the floor and scrubbed the counter tops. I was tired of being embarrassed of how gross it was . It was a lot of work and now  after all that work : it looks exactly the same as it did before, but much less dirty. Sigh.

Sunday, I moved outside and did so much yard work. So much pulling of ivy, cutting of young, u necessary trees, clipping of hedges, chopping back of unwanted shrubberies, cutting yards. I sa no signs of snakes or rats.

Big pile of  soon to be dead leaves

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