Friday, June 9, 2017


I realized almost too late that  the  lawn mower guy was not going to come back to remove the clippings from the job he did on my shrubbery. I just assumed that if he produced the mess that he would remove the mess - well, for $60, No.  For $60, The bagging is the job of the home owner, so the reason there is no real entry,  is that I spent the best part of my evening bagging up shrubbery leavings.

Six big bags of shrubbery leavings, the big lawn bags. Six of them. I pulled out both of my clippers, the ones for clipping branches and leaves so that I could make it easier to get them in the bags. I have learned from earlier outings that it is better to work on them before you try to bag them because they tear up the bags otherwise.

Earlier, I had a panic attack about Tiny and his litter box and the contents there in? On the upside? There are contents! so that is a win, my issue is that they are very small contents and and some are very small and last night I saw him do the sad squat move and that is not okay.

So I called the hospital. I called and talked to a tech who did not make me happy. I asked about reupping his pain meds and she told me that we didn't want to give him a drug problem!
 He's a cat! I don't even know if animals can become addicted to pain killers in a week, especially if they are actually if they are in pain. I was left feeling unsoothed.

About an hour later, the hospital called me back and I talked to a doctor who reminded me that his little urethra was still really inflamed and sore and to cut it a little slack and that he would be going to the box frequently, but over the next week or so, he would be going less and less so and peeing more at a time and his pain would be decreasing soon. Also, I could ask my vet to give me more of the meds I have and if they couldn't, I could get more from the hospital . Kitty Addict my eye. I felt soothed.

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