Friday, June 16, 2017


Just spent entirely too much time trying to be clever on Twitter for an audience I'm not entirely sure can even see my posts.

Its hard to be both funny and make sense in 140 characters and every time someone is both, please be impressed. Steve Martin is a genius. He wins Tonys and Grammys and Emmys and any other trophy he really sets his mind to and he's successfully funny in 140 characters.

Now, I have to take a shower because I had to rebag the remains of the lawn refuse that the lawn guy bagged up when he did my shrubbery, he only had three bags and they were black bags, he city will not take black bags no matter how clearly full of lawn waste they are. I had to take all the waste out manually ( yuck)  and put it in clear bags so the city will take them away. Now I am filthy and hot and sweaty.

My new definition of "princess" is City garbage  worker  on the clock who won't pick up black trash bag because it might have something yucky in it" - the reason they gave as to why we all need to now go out and buy new bags for our yard waste if we want the city to take it away. But its just fine for me  to dig through the black bags and to do it for free.

The yard guy was here, yesterday, early with his gear and his trailer and he could have picked up the offending bags from my yard, and taken them away, much like he could have taken away the refuse last week when he was here and did the work, which I believe he does when he does other peoples work, when I think of it, I don't see other neighbors with bags of crap in their yards, he takes that mess away.

 He did my neighbors work the day he did mine and they didn't have bags of leaves to deal with. Now I;m annoyed with him and I'm going to mow my own grossly over grown yard myself with my electric lawn mower - which I have avoided since it was broken for so long and fixing it never worked for very long. It also means plugging my freezer in elsewhere, but I'm up for the challenge. Screw you little lawn mower man, I don't pay you so I I can get dirty and sweaty and mess with bags of leaves, I pay you so you can get dirty and sweaty and mess with bags of leaves.

Piss me off and I will mess with my own leaves and you won't get paid at all.

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