Friday, June 6, 2003

Random bloggery

What a pretty day. It turned out all sunny and dry. A whole day with out rain. Not even the threat. And it’s not humid, I mean it was the morning but it got over it by the time I got home.

Daisy and I blew our walk off and instead puttered in the front yard. Daisy puttered, I read a book. It would have been a great day for a walk to the historic district, but I didn’t feel like trekking. We came in after Kitty stood inside the front door and cried at me. He does piteous very well.

Daisy currently hanging out in the back yard. I’m afraid that something out there is giving her a rash. Its gross. It looks like prickly heat or bug bites. Chigger’s maybe. Can digging in the dirt give a dog a rash?

I’m thinking about dumping my cable and getting Dish TV. It is the same price and I would get 130 channels. BBC America! At my house! Anytime I want. Here it is summer and there’s no decent TV and renting DVDs or videos could get expensive if I really got into it. The problem being that months ago when I moved in here the satellite guy came over and sniffed around and told me because my tree, or a tree, was too big and the only way I could score the good TV was to put a pole in my front yard with a dish on it. I don’t want that and I know my neighbors wouldn’t want it. And there is always the fear that I would miss judge and drive my car into it.

I got my hopes up earlier. A flat bed pulled up in front of the drug dealers’ house in front of the squashed car that has been parked in front of the house for the last month.

I really want that car gone. It’s very ugly and it causes the customers to block my driveway. I really have a problem with that. I have to hope that their look out notices me fuming in the street and goes and gets who ever owns the drive way blocker to make him move his car. Because they try to be good neighbors, they comply before I think of other avenues to get the offending car away from my drive way. I want the squashed car to move too but I don’t have a compeling reason to make them move it. I can't call a wreaker and say "it's ugly, take it away" I can hear my property values dropping as it falls apart out there. It looks like a boulder fell on the drivers’ side rear. It doesn’t looks crashed into. It looks squashed, like someone stepped on it.

The Ice Cream Man came to my street! I’ve heard him tooling around the neighborhood on walks with Daisy but he’s never come down my street. He actually sells Slushies, but I saw a girl with a Popsicle walking away from it. By the time I shook myself out of myicecream truck! it's an icecream truck!! reverie and got money to get something from the truck, it had left.


Speaking of sad. I brought Daisy in. I had to first spray her stomach off. I think this may be a good thing for her, to get off what ever it is that causes her to get all rashy. The good news was that when I was spraying her off I noticed her belly was as pink and healthy looking as it has in a while. Maybe it isn’t the backyard, maybe it’is something back there and its waiting to strike until later. I’m prepared though; I have triple antibiotic ointment and a benadryl cream that seem to clear it up. Poor puppy.

I may have guests later the summer and it’s making me really want to get the rest of the house painted. The office and bedroom really need to be taking care of. The bathroom because of the vile wallpaper is going to be a bigger project then I think I can get excited about. I’m into quick fixes. Painting is quick compared to whatever I’m going to have to do with that mess. I know the office is going to be Mint with white sheers and the bedroom is going to a blue. I haven’t worked on it past a blue. The carpet is a rose pink, so I’ll have to work on that angle.

I could also probably polish my wood floors. I have a floor buffer and I should use it. The floors are really nice and it’s a shame to let them go. I need to be more diligent.

On the garden front. The potatoes seem to be doing well and the garlic is getting growy and mature, the carrots, someone is eating my greens and I’m really unhappy about that. I poison regularly. I kissed green farming off the first time one of my marigolds disappeared into the flowerpot. With the various pesticides and weed poison I’ve dumped in those pots I should have beautiful greenery and a superfund site.

Speaking of growing. There is someone farming in the big field down the street from me. I had noticed that the ground was turned and I saw what looked like a plowing device. But nothing for weeks.

Then, the other day I saw an old woman and a toddler milling around by the churned up area. When I got closer to see what they were doing, I saw they were planting, I went across the field to talk the lady to about urban farmer issues – they disappeared into the trees.

The Lady Of The Field. Instead of leaving her sweater in your car she leaves seedlings in your yard.

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