Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm not dead  but I had to go back in time to August 24, 2003 to make this work.

A perfectly innocent HAPPY SUNDAY  had to be sacrificed to  order to get this done. I hate Blogger. Hate them. I am having to plow under my young and there is not one thing I can do about it and Blogger doesn't care. Hateful bastards.

You gets what you pays for and I pay nothing so I gets nothing.


I had a lovely 4th of July . I spent time with family, I ate a lot of food, I took a lot of pictures, I shopped, I saw fireworks, I bought things - dog and cat food mostly but I did stock up on protean bars , after a fashion. I think Kelloggs is trying to tell me something as they are making my protean bars hard to find and more expensive and making me use a lesser version if I want any at all. Sam's again stopped carrying them and I've been reduced to buying the lesser bars at Wally World for more to get fewer of them.

When I wasn't convincing myself of a massive plot against me, I worked on the garden -I also pulled out almost all my green beans. I'm soaking the seeds for the next generation as we speak, I will not go beanless - and I finally went into battle with the bird netting holding my raspberry bushes hostage and wining by the by. I hacked off some dead branches and freed the rest of the plants from the clutches of the hostile netting. The plant itself no longer needs the protection as its not producing any longer and it also ultimately  the first steps of our journey towards re-potting in the fall.
On Friday after being freed from work, I went to a very nice nursery, too nice for  the likes of my garden, and found some very lovely plants for my Mother for her birthday. While I was there I went a cross the parking lot and checked out an equally  very nice children's clothing store. The shopping center was an evil place, but I was stronger. I was surrounded by all make and model of expensive examples of  my two favorite things to buy and I only bought what I needed - which did not included the most adorable children's clothes eveh or some very interesting plants that would really look nice on my deck. Ask me about my plans to expand my deck to allow for all these plants I think I have room for.  On a realted note, later that evening I want you all to know that I did not buy the clever topiaires I saw for $11 at Wally World. The tag said that if I did nothing but dance attention to them they might survive. Might. It said it on the tag, how can I refuse a challenge like that?

Speaking of dancing attention, Dogger has to go back to the vet. Its been a really long time in Dogger Time since we've had to see the vet, but this time I'm pretty sure this time its not a life or death problem but Dogger does have a talent that way. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that one of her front paws was a little reddish and when I inspected it closer I saw something that might be a hot spot. I did what I could for it and it resolved...

Or not. Now the other paw is inflamed and I think it looks swollen and both paws look red.  It might be  burns from hot pavement, splinters, maybe she got a cut from some broken glass - although , I've seen no evidence of blood, and in my research I've learned that when paws bleed,  paws bleed a lot. Whatever it is, its making her limp and that we can't have. First thing business on Tuesday I'm calling and getting her an appointment.

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