Friday, August 17, 2007

Tick, Tock

I turned the computer on and went to the other room to, um, do something useful - not at all like watching TV or anything like that, and a while later I went back to the computer and I couldn't get the screen saver to move. it just stood there not spinning at me. I tapped the keyboards a couple of times and moved the mouse around an gradually my ISP start page appeared. I didn't want to look. How many times did IE load? Take a guess, a wild guess, now keep in mind it wasn't nearly as bad as it has been in the past - and it's not a virus. I have Norton and I run a couple of different anti-spyware programs too.

My old computer did this to me as well. I think it's just meanness. 24, I came in and there were twenty-four IE's unhappily running simultaneously. It doesn't always do this, but every third or fourth time, it goes nuts. It's also not always 24, some times its 6 or 53 once it was a whopping 70 something.

I thought it was because it got bored waiting for me to do something, you know I would turn it on and go about my business and lose track of time or forget it was on in the first place and I would go in there and it would be having a tantrum. Fine. I decided to sit with it while it powered up, you know keep it company and lo and behold it did it again. The little IE's just multiplied in front of me. I would go to stop it and while I was trying to close the group, four more would appear. Hateful, hateful, hateful. I finally learned to stop validating it. I don't give it the satisfaction of making me lose my temper. I just say fine, turn it off, usually takes a few moments, but it will power off... and then I turn it on again and usually it will behave. But I hate that, I want to work because it wants to not because I forcibly shut it down. But to be honest, there are times I would beat it like a rented mule if I could figure out where to administer the beating.

A little bird told me that Best Buy was going to have killer sales on lap tops in October-November. Computer is on notice! Computer is going to have to do time studies, fifteen weeks worth because it will suffer more than I did! I will be monitoring it's email and Internet use. Damn it.


I want to say that 30 Rock is on and it is too dark to be out mowing the yard. I hate that. A few weeks ago, 30 Rock was on and I couldn't watch it because I was mowing the drug dealers yard. And did you know that the college kids are all ready coming back to campus? They just left campus! It's just so wrong.

It's still August and you can not find a sprinkler, you can find Fall - Halloween decorations and Winter - snow shovels, but they are totally skipping Hurricane! The stores should be full of bottled water, nasty white bread, plastic tarps, cheap styrofoam coolers and flashlights that only work once. And sprinkers! I should still be able to buy a sprinkler!

My plants are drying out, Dean is out there, the leaves are falling and I'm parka shopping. I hate Valentines Day.

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