Thursday, August 28, 2008

Odds and Ends

I’m trying to do all my last minute things all at once, brilliant planning, I know. I pretty much have the big things taken care of, but it’s all the smaller things, not less important, but literally the little things that are a large part of my day and my life. They are so integrated into my day that I don’t even really think about them. The kind of things I could easily forget while I am trying to remember everything else.

I spent twenty minutes sorting out the animals meds. It was a lot of work. On the road, Dogger will get  seven pills a day and The Kitty  four pills. Every day, I spend a lot of time  every day with my hand stuck down one or the others throat. I do all this pill planning and then I’m off  doing other things and watching the convention and trying to think about how much food I’m going to want in the car and what I really want to eat verses what I should eat verses what I will eat in the car for three days when I have nothing else to do. And then I said Wait, what about my pills? Duh. I needed to go take care that. How did the creature highest on the food chain become the lowest on the list of it’s own priorities?

While I’m sitting here, I just realized that there are more things I need to pack for Dogger, aside from her meads. I all ready packed her bag with three leashes: an extended leash for those days she’s needs her space and both of her daily leashes, both of her harness, a back up collar in case something happens to the every day model and two glow-in-the-dark add ons just in case. All of this for a dog that shouldn’t really go on many walks longer than to and from the foot of the drive way and hasn’t walked further than the front yard in six weeks. I’m packed her multiple anti-itch/licking potions and her brushes and nail clippers and I haven’t even packed her toys or her bedding! The Kitty is so much easier, other than his meads, he needs his “baby” and his food and a soft place to sleep and he’s good. He is a creature of few needs and fewer things.

Damn. He’ll be lucky if I remember to bring him.

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