Friday, August 29, 2008


My house is filthy. I'm going to have to run home at lunch and hope for some heavenly assistance's if I';m going to get the rest of my chores done and at least make the house presentable, I leave for vacation tomorrow at 0'Dark Thirty tomorrow morning and I still have a to-do list as long as my arm. I hope when I stagger in the door in three weeks I'm not too mad at myself for not doing more about it when I had a chance.

I think I'll forgive myself.

I went to see The Speech (full text of remarks) last night instead of staying home and doing housework. When was the last time you put more thought into where you were going to watch a political speech than what you were going to do for New Years Eve? When was the last time you had choices? When was the last time you cared?

My house is a mess, but I was doing something  more important. I looked online to see where I might go to watch the speech, I didn't want to watch it alone and I thought watching it with a crowd of my fellow Democrats would be kind of cool. I found a gathering at the Raleigh Obama headquarters just blocks from my house. I had a number of other choices, in swankier locations but I decided that watching free of charge and gigantic screen ( otherwise known as the side of a building) would be better.

It was awesome. The pulled chairs out of the headquarters so we could all be comfortably, there were vender's selling snacks and the TV stations sent their trucks. It was kind of heady. Then the speeches started, and the crowd started growing and cheering and it was wonderful.

Bill Richardson rawked and why couldn't Al Gore speechify like that eight years ago?  And
then right before the main act, it started raining. We all hustled inside and waited anxiously for the to get the TV ready to go. The crowd went nuts for the woman for NC and we all roared at Barney Smith/Smith Barney.

And then it was the main event, the reason we were all there, the reason we ventured forth on a rainy school night to sit on folding chairs in a parking lot to listen to a speech. We all could have stayed home and watched from the comfort of our couches but we didn't, we couldn't. I could have stayed at home and watched it with Dogger and The Kitty and I could have probably gotten a lot of my chores done and I most would have a much cleaner house right now, but I couldn't and I didn't and I am so glad!

Today is a historical for many reasons, the least of which being that on August 29, 1968 I was born into a swirl of history, yesturday I got to be part of history.

Today in History

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