Thursday, October 16, 2008

ACORN is the new ACLU.

The window is open, it’s a lovely night and I am watching Dogger listening to the neighborhood gossip. A dog a block over is going on and on about something that sounds very involved. Dogger looks concerned, about what I do not know, whatever it is, seems relevant to Dogger.

It's hard to tell what is bothering the other dog. It could be that it is delivering a particularity long response to a another dog that I was not bear a window and did not hear - or perhaps the other dog was just upset by the people across the street intermittable drama caused by getting in and out of their cars. Maybe the other dog was just suggesting that they finish up their conversation and go their separate ways. Perhaps the dog wanted to be able to give its full attention to the debate and did not appreciate the intrusion. The other dog needs Tivo.

The other dog went back to its business and Dogger seems to be napping. She had a busy day, napping and napping and then riding Minnie with me on errand. An errand where I should have stopped and bought that $3.08 a gallon gas I passed but I didn’t because there was a line and I was trying to be efficient. And I didn’t really need gas. Even $3.09 gas. Right now my tank is a hodge podge of prices per gallon. It’s all mixed up and it doubts its self worth. I feel it’s pain but if any part of me was worth $3.80 a gallon I would feel good about the parts that were only worth $3.46. It evens out, over all it should feel good about being $3.63 a gallon. It’s still over priced, even on average and still probably worth more per gallon than I am.

The dog across the street who wanted to watch the debate is a better citizen than I am. I do not want to watch the debate. I checked on for their live blogging blow-by-blow and saw that they were arguing over ACORN. I was a dues paying member of ACORN, briefly. I stopped paying because they were useless. And my purse got stolen and I closed the account they were drafting their monthly fee from and all they knew was the checks began to bounce and they never heard from me again. I would have stopped paying them at some point but I think they were making like an unwanted gym membership - Hoping my guilt over not going would be assuaged by paying them not to bother me about it.

I quit and so did everyone else. ACORN came in told us they were going to fix things, make things better, chase the bad guys out, make the police more responsive and bring us together as a community. Instead they sent us a speaker who wanted us to feel the neighborhood thugs pain. We didn’t want to feel their pain, we wanted to cause their pain! We wanted to get them arrested and off our streets we were told if we had them arrested it would adversely effect our street “cred” with the thugs! The speaker was very good but he had gone native.

ACORN wanted us to come up with “ideas”. We told them if we had “ideas” we would not need ACORN. All they wanted to do was start after school programs and register voters. ACORNS secret plan for world domination was to educate poor black children and register their parents to vote, ultimately raising an army of educated poor black Democrats. The nerve. I quit because I thought they were boring, little did I know I was being bored by "terrorists".

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