Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday.Thank Gawd.

My cat has CAT CHIN ACNE . It’s been our private shame for quite some time but now I come out in the open with it after I googled it and found 34,000 entries I found out we were not alone.

It turns out the treatment for cat chin acne(69, 700 entries) is just about the treatment for human chin acne. The problem being, have you ever tried to use stridex on your cat? If you thoughts cats were humorously predisposed to not enjoy bathing you should try to get your cat to start a skin care regime! The laughs never stop! Not only do they truly not enjoy soap and water they really do not enjoy astringents either. One of the sites I went to suggested that I should take my cat to the vet as soon as I notice the tell tale black heads forming. I think that ship has sailed for The Kitty and I since I first noticed those about three years ago. I thought he was a sloppy eater and tried to make it a point to scratch him more thoroughly under his chin.

Poor Kitty. He’s 77 years old in cat years and he looks like a cheese eating high school boy. Points if you know the song.

Oh, big excitement at the office today. One of the women I work with had the back window of her car smashed for the second time, the last time it was a random attack by a crazy person. This time she didn’t chalk it up to another random attack by a crazy person, which would be really odd but not entirely unexpected since we work on the campus of the STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL. And she is a Social Worker who has over time had many clients at the hospital who are crazy and are given passes to wander the grounds and some of them know what her car looks like and what building she works in now. No, this attack she blamed on a roaming attack Democrat, because that’s what we Democrats do, we bust out car windows because there is a McCain sticker on the car bumper. Yep. In her world 2+2 = 13. She said this in the hallway and the other numb nuts believed her and one went and called her husband to report that a Democrat had smashed this girls window because of her McCain sticker.

Gah. I need some pretty pictures.


Tony said...

The stupid. It burns.

Diana said...

And these are people I like. it would be so much easier if we just all wore signs. Hi! I'm an idiot! or My raging Electra Complex causes me to vote Republican! Despite the fact that I am than that. Pity me.

I hate that these people are so dull witted, yet they're my friends. I don't know who I am the most disappointed in, them or me.

Jen said...

My sister's cat has chin acne too. When the vet told her this, her first comment to me was, "Oh! Pino (the cat) is just like me - obese with acne!"

For the record however, my sister is not obese, and neither is the cat (anymore).