Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back on the Inter-tubes

And we have access! Yay! Well. that was aggravating. My plan Monday night was to say It was a very stressful day and there was so much weirdness, I think I'll just indulge myself with a little photoblogging. No worries no troubles, just look at a happy pond, or a peaceful rock or a lovely view..

It wouldn't worry me except I do have a little bit in the market and I'm afraid my next statement is going to take the form of a tear-stained letter. It's days like Monday that makes it a very real threat that I'll be one of those poor creatures at the Employee Recognition Luncheon picking up a 35 year clock. I think people invest in the stock market to avoid working 35 years anywhere but the chances are I'll be drawing social security and a state paycheck.

I think that calls for a peaceful rock

And then the VP debate is coming up and that's stressing me out. I have this terrible fear that The Idiot Palen is going to do reallywell, not really well for an idiot but really well for a politician and that Biden is going to do something not great. I've been seeing all these references to his "gaffs" but I don't know what they are talking about. Is he given to verbal diarrhea? Does he think Venezuela is in the Middle East? Or are those reports just right-wing agitprop that is supposed to be making me feel uncomfortable and nervous? In the name of Sisterhood, I hate to wish failure on The Idiot Palen but at the same time she ain't my sister. I really hate that American women went from being represented  in the big time political arena by Clinton to being represented in that same arena by The Idiot Palen. I have issues with Clinton but at least despite her many faults, she could never be called an idiot. I'm afraid that The Idiot Palen is going to set us all back decades, even if God Forbid, she does win.

I think I need a happy pond

I shouldn't let them get me all anxious but it's hard because "they" are everywhere. I went to the luncheon and sat with some old friends from the Nursing Home Branch. We got to talking and one brought up the Debate. I thought this was kind of cheeky. She and the other woman started talking and it began to dawn on me: These were McCain voters! And I had thought these were smart women, I have known them for years and they never seemed like morons. And they were just going on and on about how great McCain is and what a trooper he was for stalling his campaign to go work in the Financial crises and I said "Holding press conferences is not the same as 'working on the crisis'". Where was Obama?  they said I said "Not getting in the way?" and they went on as to what a great President McCain would be, because you know when he was in prison camp they broke his hand and arm. My brilliant retort was "There are men being tortured at Gitmo, do they deserve to be presidents of their countries?"... I don't talk politics at work unless I am absolutely sure I am talking with a like mind. Did these women feel comfortable launching into these waters with me because they think I was like them? Do people at work think I am a moron?  And then when I thought I could escape, they started the awards and I was trapped in Moronville, Population : Everyone But Me

I need a nice view to calm down.

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