Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fast Forward

Can you believe its October all ready? I mean October! but that part of me is also really tired of being hot and I’m kind of ready for the leaves to change and once we get into fall and past Halloween - The Gateway Holiday, we’re getting on to Thanksgiving, late this year, the 27th of November - last year it was the 15th or something similarly ridiculous and then it’s Christmas and New Years and all of a sudden its March and where has the time gone? Do you realize that by Thanksgiving the election will be over? Don’t you wish you could just hit a cosmic fast forward button and just get this whole thing over with? Don’t you wish it was over now?

But for right now its early October. I haven’t bought a pumpkin yet but I did replace the spring/summer wreath with a fall wreath on my front door. I imagine when I get my pumpkin (s) I’ll probably also get my winter flowers but before I get those flowers my summer flowers will have to be over and my summer flowers are still going strong and looking nice so I don’t see any reason to change course right now, maybe I will just get pumpkin (s). The garden is looking a little leggy and the worse for wear six months after I first planted it!, but even so I’m still getting little tomatoes and the peppers are perking right along. The cukes are over and the big tomatoes are not perking they seem to be kind of limping along trying to keep up by producing a fruit here and fruit there but its clearly getting tired and frankly, it’s a little depressing to see the plant now. My baby broccoli’s got chewed on while I was gone but they seem more or less okay, baby plants always get chewed on and as long as they have some greenery left they are usually okay. To be on the safe side though I did go get some new poison and gave them some fertilizer to help them grow new foilage. I never got the garlic in the ground.

I’m looking forward to Halloween because I rawk Halloween but the closer we get to the end of October and the beginning on November the closer we get to November 4th and the closer we get to election day the more tense I get. The last election I spent just about every weekend going door to door, this time around I haven’t the heart and no one has asked. Fault the Kerry people for a lot but getting people to ring door bells was not one of the things they didn’t do well. (Actually, I hated the Kerry campaign people, they were assholes. I rang doorbells for the Wake County dems). No one has come to my door begging me to vote for their candidate, not local not state not federal. Everyone calls me though. Everyone asks for money, not so much for my vote but for my cash and I understand that but it would be nice to have the campaigns ask what the could do for me instead of what I could do for them.

Dogger celebrated the change of seasons by eating my white sandles, there loss made me think about fall and the change of seasons and the fact that I wore a sweater to work today and I was not over warm, has made me change my mind about what I’m going to wear to work tomorrow. I think I’m going to see if it’s too early for boots.

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