Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting Carded

Have I mentioned that I love Pushing Daisies? And that you should also love Pushing Daisies? And that it is a very wonderful TV show that is almost too pretty to be a TV show? TV shows are flat and dull and not pretty and this show is bright and shiny and pretty and you should be watching it and if you were watching it you would love it too. It is on ABC at 7 central 8 eastern on Wednesday nights. It’s like the prettiest, glittery Christmas ornament on your tree had it’s own intricate plot line and Emmy caliber set and costume design.

Speaking of Christmas. I’ve been side tracked by my Christmas card. I had been watching a very smart documentary on Goya’s 3rd of May.A Very Important Work of Art, through which I learned that Napoleon was a bad man and did really awful things to the people of Spain, which I think was covered by a paragraph in my college world history class and was a question on the final : Napoleon went to Spain - True or False. I wasn’t a history major but the whole thing seemed new to me. Also the Very Important Work of Art hangs in a Spanish museum and I have not been to Spain. I should ask Alphagal, who has been to Spain and may have seen the stamps, money, murals and various gewgaws the painting adorns. Who knew?

The whole series The Secret Lives of Masterpieces is about all the art you don’t see because you see it everywhere and don’t know anything about because you know everything about it. The next featured work on my DVD is Liberty Leading the People, it’s very French and celebrates the 1830 revolution where instead of killing the King like they did in 1789 , the French people just wanted to change in the one they had for one they might like better. I haven’t finished watching this one yet but I’m sure it is Very Important Work of Art and is deeply meaningful and fraught with subtext and is also on stamps and money and gewgaws

So I was watching these deeply important documentaries on Very Important Works of Art and I began to think about the image for my Christmas card - in my house a Very Important Work of Art in it’s own right. I took 119 images of four or five separate trees and their decorations and I then winnowed them down to about 20. The next step is to get them printed out so I can see them in person and then winnow them further and then the remaining contestants I will give to one of my friends at work to look at and give me the champion.

 And then its really gets down to which image I can find a picture frame card that is a good match for it. It matters! It can be hard to find the right one. If it’s a contemporary looking image you need a card that is also contemporary in style, and then the colors in the image also play a part in what picture frame card I end up with. The image I am the most fond of this time around may be a hard one to find a good card for. It’s a little bright and Christmas picture frame cards do not lean towards the bright. I can go with my vision for the card or I suck it up and go with the easy way out. Both, by the by would be good cards. I don’t take bad Christmas card pictures but I do play favorites.

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Cat said...

WOW-- you are hitting two of my favorite military-related works of art in sequence! Third of May and Victory Leads the People are both powerful enough that you don't really need to know much about the context, but knowing the context helps.

Did you say these are on Netflix?