Wednesday, October 8, 2008




How's your dog doing?

She's doing much better, Thank you for asking!

Tell her I asked after her!

I will!

Awwww! Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Hey! Miss Diana! Miss Diana! I recorded a song about Obama and my son! I just wanted you to know! It's only $5!!

Oh. And I am totally sure she's donating ever cent to the campaign.

Hi! This is Blahblah at the News and Observer, did you have any problem getting your paper this weekend?

No. But I wasn't here.

Did you get it today?


Well, call if you have any problems!

I always do.

Wahh! My friend went home early this morning and I should have then gone to work then like a good little worker bee but instead I came home and stripped the bed and did laundries and decided that today would be the day I put away my summer clothes. I had no where to put them but that could be fixed. Then I (sob!) pulled up most of my remaining vegetables, seven or so months later it was painful watching them try to photosynthize. I voted out the small tomatoes and eggplant but left the still nominally productive peppers and large tomatoes. My sad, chewed on, lace-like baby broccoli are on the critical list. How much pesticide is too much pesticide? I'll tell you when I find out., either I'll harvest broccali or I'll kill the rest of the remaining bees.

Post-poison, I went to the bank, got some pictures printed and went and shopped for under bed boxes . . . Not the task I thought it was going to be when I said to myself that I would go get under bed boxes and put away my summer clothes and pull out my winter clothes. I thought I would just hustle to Target when I went to the bank and pick up some boxes. I had imagined those cardboard boxes they used to sell and I assumed still sold, well, they do not still sell them. However, they do however, sell hard plastic boxes that are smaller than my card board apple of my eye, and cost more. A lot more.

Target let me down. The closet things they had to under bed boxes were heavy vinyl box-ish bag-like things that were advertised as "sweater boxes", i.e large enough to hold sweaters. A couple of sweaters. I needed something advertised as to hold my entire summer wardrobe and still be under 4 inches tall and less than the size of a double bed. My mother bought them for years, probably from Target and I should be able to as well. But again, Target let me down and they wanted me to buy the plastic lids to their plastic boxes separately. So I bought two resin pumpkins in the name of not wasteing live pumpkins for my own selfish needs?

Pumpkins in hand, I changed stores. I went to Bed, Bath and. Beyond. Even less helpful! Beyond the cardboard under bed box! All of their boxes cam equipped with wheels. I don't need to be able to steer the boxes, I think I can push them under the bed without their assistance.

Off to Wallyworld., no cardboard box joy their either, but at least they had vinyl boxes the size I was looking for in the first place. Hate Wallyworld.

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